ETHNewYork is your opportunity to work alongside the developers, industry experts, advisers, and companies who are making the infrastructure and applications that will power Open Finance and the new decentralized web. Join 500 attendees at the biggest Ethereum hackathon ever held in New York, and show the world that our developer community is still here #BUIDLING.

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$109,400 in prizes

ETHNewYork Finalists (5)

The finalist teams of ETHNewYork in no particular order!


0x will award $1,500 in ZRX tokens to the best project utilizing the 0x protocol.


AirSwap will award $1000 to the team that best incorporates the Swap protocol into their application.


Arweave will award $1500 for the best dApp UI hosted on Arweave's permaweb

AZTEC Protocol

The AZTEC Protocol will award a $1000 prize for the best use of AZTEC in an app. There will be a further $500 dollar award for any team that uses AZTEC to provide a private identity solution.

Binance Labs (3)

Binance labs will award a fellowship grant to the winning team which has the best implementation of a service or app on the Binance Chain.

Celer (2)

Celer will award $1000 to any game using Celer SDK, with a bonus $500 if the game involved any state exchange between multiple players. Additionally, Celer will provide the first two teams to register their applications built on Celer an additional $1000.

Chainlink (2)

Chainlink will award $4,000 USD in LINK for the most compelling and ready-to-run prototype using Chainlink and $1000 for a judge's choice project using Chainlink.

Dapper Labs (5)

Dapper Labs will award $1500 and $1000 for the best two apps respectively that utilize Cryptokitties within the core experience of the game and Dapper as the wallet, and $1500 will be split between the teams integrating Dapper and free gas.

ENS (5)

ENS will award $200 USD (to be paid in ETH or DAI) to each of the 5 best projects that incorporate ENS (Ethereum Name Service).


Fortmatic will award $1000 for the project with the best Formatic integration.

Infura (2)

Infura will award $500 to two teams for making use of Infura infrastructure offerings.

Matic (4)

Matic Network is offering the following prizes for developers deploying applications on the Matic testnet: $3000 to the top project, $2000 to 2nd place, and $500 for the next 6 best projects.


NuCypher will award $5000 for the most interesting project built utilizing any NuCypher technology, including proxy re-encryption for managing permissions over encrypted data or nuFHE.


SKALE will award $500 for the best 5 DApps and $1000 to the very best DApp deployed on SKALE.

The Graph (5)

The Graph will award three prizes of $1000 for Best New Subgraphs and two prizes of $1000 for the best dApp Built on The Graph.

Thundercore (3)

Thundercore will award:

$3,000 Best Stack Combo: Create a useful application using ThunderCore and several other protocols.

$2000 Best Tooling: Make it easier for developers and users to use the ThunderCore blockchain. For e.g.: Dev services, Dev tools, stable coins, Dex.

$2000 Best Game or Dapp where users can win rewards in Thunder Tokens.

$1000 Privacy - Build a solution that enables private transactions and
private smart contracts on ThunderCore.

Torus (4)

Torus will award $8000 to 7 teams that incorporate Torus as the login mechanism: a grand prize of $2,000 in ETH to the best DApp, two prizes of $1,000 in ETH to DApps which fulfil an industry need, a prize of $1,000 in ETH to the DApp that has the most seamless and intuitive user on-boarding, a prize of $1,000 to the DApp that is the best overall user experience with Torus, a prize of $1,000 to the DApp that displays the most innovative use of Torus, and finally a prize of $1,000 in ETH to the DApp with the best creative design for implementing Torus.


UMA will award $3500 to the project most likely to enable another 100 ETH to be locked in a DeFi project.

UNICEF Innovation

UNICEF France is providing a bounty of 10ETH for the project which best shows the ability of blockchain technology to 1) account for services like connectivity and 2) allow for transparent payments for those services in low infrastructure environments.


Wyre will award $2,250 in DAI to the best project utilizing Wyre API or Widget.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Apply at


Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin

Wendy Xiao Schadeck

Wendy Xiao Schadeck

Lasse Clausen

Lasse Clausen

Austin Griffith

Austin Griffith

Anna Rose

Anna Rose
Zero Knowledge

Scott Moore

Scott Moore

Georgios Konstantopoulos

Georgios Konstantopoulos

Spencer Noon

Spencer Noon
DTC Capital

Simona Pop

Simona Pop
Bounties Network

Joyce Yang

Joyce Yang
Global Coin Research

Philipp Banhardt

Philipp Banhardt
BlueYard Capital

Daniela Osario

Daniela Osario

Mo Dong

Mo Dong

Will Warren

Will Warren

Judging Criteria

  • Technical
    The completeness and functionality of the project, and the relevancy of the resources utilized to accomplish the goal of the project.
  • Original
    A project that hasn’t been done before, or doesn’t currently exist. The project addressing a new or unsolved problem, or creating unique solution to an existing problem.
  • Ambitious
    The complexity of the problem being addressed, or the approach to solving it.
  • Design and User Experience
    The user experience and flow of the project is pleasant and delightful.
  • Wow Factor
    The project is exceptional in some manner.

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